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Broto: Art-Climate-Science

15 - 16
May 15 - May 16

Provincetown May Calendar

Broto: Art-Climate-Science

May 14-16, 2021, Broto: Art, Science & Collaboration will host three, monthly Zoom-based working groups to drill down into the big ideas.

1. Collaboration Blueprint: How can we develop Broto’s art-sci Collaboration Blueprint?  Let’s find collaborations to test the model.
Second Tuesdays at 3 PM. One hour.

2. Pro-Nature Culture: If behavior change is required in a climate-friendly society, how do we affect culture? Are we divorced from nature and how do we reconcile?
Third Wednesdays at 3 PM. One hour.

3. Bank of Nature: How do we ensure Nature gets a fair deal through an “Interactive, not Extractive” society? How do we reinvest in Nature?
Third Tuesdays at 3 PM. One hour.