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Gays for Patsy Spring Stomp: A Hoedown in Ptown

Apr - May
29 - 1

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Gays for Patsy Spring Stomp: A Hoedown in Ptown

Gays for Patsy Spring Stomp!  A Hoedown in Ptown is an annual LGBTQA+ (queer) spring dance weekend featuring country western dancing with three dances, multiple dance workshops, and a whole bunch of socializing.

This Hoedown started over 25 years ago as a getaway and fundraiser for the gay country western dancers who were dancing at Arlington Street Church. Gays for Patsy took over a few years after and has being running it more than 20 years.

Their goal for the weekend is to offer a safe, fun environment to learn, dance, and be all social-like. No matter your two left feet, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or political views.

 Please visit their Facebook page or visit Gaysforpatsys.org for more information.