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Jun - Nov
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Jun 01 - Nov 11

Provincetown Jun Calendar


The year 2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the 1620 voyage from Plymouth, U.K. to the New World where the Mayflower Pilgrims first landed in what is now known as Provincetown, MA and signed the Mayflower Compact. After five weeks of exploration of Cape Cod, they set sail once more to establish of Plymouth Colony in Plymouth, MA. These internationally significant events mark the beginning of American democracy. Democratic values of liberty, justice and freedom of expression resonate through four centuries of our nation’s history and embody the fabric of Provincetown’s identity.

Join us as we tell this story both from the Pilgrim and Wampanoag perspectives and celebrate 400 years of Provincetown’s rich history. Visit Provincetown400 for more information!

“Provincetown is a community of tolerance. We have 400 years of history welcoming people.”