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Experience Provincetown

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Book your stay and spend the weekend shopping, visiting galleries, exploring museums, and dining at wonderful restaurants.  Take a walk or bike ride and enjoy the great outdoors!

Welcome to Provincetown

An Oasis on the Cape

For information on Covid-19 and Governor Baker’s updated order for those traveling to Massachusetts, please visit the Provincetown Health Department and Emergency Management page on the Town of Provincetown official website.

For the most up to date parking information, visit the Town of Provincetown’s website.

Just about everyone who sets foot on the sandy shore of Provincetown says there is something magical about this place. Maybe it’s because it sits at the edge of the continent, 60 miles out to sea, in a place that swirls together so many people and experiences. Visitors are drawn to this remote swatch of land for the beautiful beaches and the welcoming restaurants, the art galleries,  charming and luxurious guesthouses and boutique inns and the charming shops. A favorite LGBTQ+ destination, Provincetown celebrates individuality and freedom of expression. It also has a rich creative history as the oldest continuous art colony in the country. Each season offers visitors something new, something different. From Carnival in August to Women’s Week in October and First Light at year’s end, Provincetown beckons any time of year.

Meet Provincetown

Explore Things to Do in Provincetown

Provincetown is many things. It’s an escape. It’s an art scene. It’s a foodie haven. It’s an LGBTQ+ capital, and it’s an entertainment hub like no other in the world. Experience what you love or what you’d love to try for the first time. There are so many things to do in Provincetown all year long.

Postcards from Provincetown

“You’ve got sand and water and beautiful light and you feel like you’re on an island. It’s just magic.”