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For almost a century, gay and lesbian travelers have made Provincetown a destination.

For almost a century, gay and lesbian travelers have made Provincetown a destination. Here, 60 miles from the mainland, they found a bohemian culture that embraced them—and they embraced the Town right back. Today, this colorful tip of the Cape continues to draw its energy and spirit from members of the LGBTQ+ community who come here year after year, some for the first time, and many who stopped counting long ago.

Year-Round Celebrations, Parades, and Festivals

LGBTQ+ Events

There’s nothing like an LGBTQ+ event to make Provincetown’s streets teem from coast to coast. Celebrations like Carnival in August attract some 90,000 people, especially for the flamboyant parade down Commercial Street. In Provincetown, gay and lesbian events go all summer long, but you don’t have to be here between Memorial Day and Labor Day to experience some color. Come in May for Single Women’s Weekend. Come in October for TransWeek (formerly Fantasia Fair). And definitely come in December to see Santas racing down Commercial Street in itty-bitty swimsuits.

23 - 25

Snowbound Leather Weekend XVI

Snowbound Leather Weekend XVI in Provincetown—where you’ll find a competition for Mr. Snowbound, a beer blast,…
23 - 27

MEMDAY Weekend Women’s Festival

May 23- 27, 2024 A beautiful weekend, full of beautiful people. Explore Ptown with thousands of…
May - Jun
31 - 2

Provincetown PRIDE

Provincetown Pride – the name says it all. This annual Pride…
13 - 17

FROLIC Weekend

  FROLIC Weekend is a 5 day celebration of queer joy for men of color from all over…
13 - 20

Bear Week

Provincetown Bear Week is the largest gathering of bears in the world. Tens of thousands come to Provincetown…
24 - 27

Girl Splash

For updates on Girlsplash 2024 please visit Girl Splash Provincetown or visit their facebook…
Jul - Aug
27 - 3

Family Week

Provincetown’s Family Week is the biggest gathering of LGBTQ+ families in the world. The annual…
17 - 24

Provincetown Carnival 2024

Carnival was created by the Provincetown Business Guild in 1978 and is Ptown’s original summer celebration of…
22 - 24

New England Leather Weekend

Come see the annual pageant to crown New England Leather 2024! In addition to the competition and the…
“Everyone has a place here. You have the freedom to hold anyone’s hand. There is an experience you can have here that you can’t have anywhere else.”