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Hiking, Biking, & Beyond

Hiking, Biking, & Beyond in Provincetown

Provincetown has many hiking, biking, and other family-friendly trails. These trails provide a gateway to Provincetown’s natural terrain, and often start or stop at a beach.

Biking along Commercial Street. Photograph by Accelerationista.

Renting Bikes

There are local places to rent bikes in Provincetown. Bikes are a great mode of transportation on Provincetown’s narrow streets and bike-worthy trails. Renting bikes in Provincetown is so popular that TripAdvisor has a page dedicated to it.

View of the Beech Forest Trail in Provincetown, MA.

The Beech Forest Trail. Photograph by Jay MacIntyre.

The Beech Forest Trail

The Beech Forest Trail is close to Town and is a part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. It’s great for those who like hiking or taking a walk and is open all year. The trail is a little less than a mile long and is excellent for birdwatching: the beech forest is a major seabird migration location. It’s kid-friendly and relatively easy for those that are new to hiking. Bikes are allowed. If you bring your dog, make sure to bring the leash. P.S., bring bug spray.

The Province Lands Bike Trail. Photograph by Jay MacIntyre.

Province Lands Bike Trail

Province Lands Bike Trail caters to intermediate and advanced bikers due to sharp turns, hilly terrain, and its length of 5.45 miles. Riders have the option of adding two miles to their path with trail extensions. Province Lands Bike Trail has four access points: Race Point Beach, Herring Cove Beach, Province Lands Visitor Center, and Beech Forest Parking Lot. There are maps available at the visitor center, and there are many places to park bikes.

A sand fence along the dunes at Race Point. Photograph by Jay MacIntyre.

Dune Shacks Trail

The Dune Shacks Trail highlights one of the more underrated attractions of Provincetown. The trail begins at Route 6 and Snail Road and is located at Race Point Beach. It may be a bit difficult for those not used to walking in the sand, but it’s a fun experience. Bring sunscreen and water while walking or hiking on this trail.

“You can walk or bike everywhere.”