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Dog Friendly

Dogs can enjoy the surf and sand in Provincetown, too!

Dogs in Provincetown

Provincetown caters to canines and has dog-friendly hotels. The Provincetown Chamber of Commerce is an excellent resource for finding which place is best for dog-owners and other dog information. Expedia cites Provincetown as one of the most dog-friendly places in America. The New Yorker has recognized Provincetown’s status as the most dog-friendly town in the country.  

Dogs can enjoy the surf and sand in Provincetown, too!

A Dog's Paradise

Provincetown beaches are dog-friendly and while there are some time restictions for when dogs can be off leash, it doesn’t stop the fun!  For dog-owners who want a change of scenery, Pilgrim Bark Park is a quick drive down from Herring Cove and within range of other Provincetown beaches. The park has been open since 2008 for the sole purpose of dog freedom, recreation, and overall animal welfare. This dog-centric park prides itself on being a safe space for pets and pet owners. HuffPost recognizes Pilgrim Bark Park as one of the best dog parks around. 

"Some like to call Provincetown P-town, and it could very well be short for Pup-town."