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Visitor’s Guide

Provincetown changes depending on the season.

Provincetown, Year-round

Pick a season

Provincetown changes depending on the season. It’s lively and busy in the summer, with dozens of events and performances. The fall is the locals’ favorite time: the weather is lovely, many shops and restaurants are still open, and the crowds are gone. Winter is a great time for holiday shopping and cozy weekends. Many restaurants are still open, along with the art museum and the beaches. Spring is perfect for introspection and calm. The beaches are beautiful, and many of the B&Bs have fireplaces in the rooms.

All Seasons

Arts & Culture

Galleries, Museums, and Workshops

Provincetown is the oldest continous arts community in America. The Provincetown Art Museum is open year-round. The galleries in the East End are open for much of the year.

Postcards from Provincetown

“Everyone has a place here. You have the freedom to hold anyone’s hand. There is an experience you can have here that you can’t have anywhere else.”