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Provincetown may be a small seaside town at the eastern edge of everything, but it has a city’s worth of entertainment after dark.


Commercial Street at night. Photograph by Accelerationista.

At night, it turns into an entirely different Town. And it turns into a playground. Come for the art, stay for the fun.

Provincetown Nightlife Hitlist

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Theaters and Performances

Modern American drama was born in Provincetown when the Provincetown Players were founded in July, 1915. They are credited with…
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Restaurants & Bars

When you dine at Provincetown restaurants, you’ll want to eat a lot of seafood, most of which is caught locally. …
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For almost a century, gay and lesbian travelers have made Provincetown a destination. Here, 60 miles from the mainland, they…
“Everyone has a place here. You have the freedom to hold anyone’s hand. There is an experience you can have here that you can’t have anywhere else.”