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New Year’s Eve in Provincetown

While Provincetown is gorgeous year-round, the winter brings strong slanting light and a brilliant clarity to the air; this is when Provincetown truly shines. It’s the time to bundle up and walk the beaches or the many paths through woods, to see wildlife and dramatic weather shifts, clouds, strong sun and incredible sunsets, iced inlets and frozen marshes. The crowds diminish, the trees are bare, the boats are mostly gone, the beauty of Provincetown is starkly present.

And the town is yours. A number of stores stay open, friendly shopkeepers offer sales and conversation, and many restaurants have specials. There are trivia nights, whale talks, movies, and readings. It’s a time to dig in and see what Provincetown is really about.

Winter Events

Provincetown is known for its fabulous festive events that take place every year, throughout the year.  And while some of this season’s events may be rescheduled or even canceled, you can rest assured they will return!  We are updating event information as we learn more.  So stay safe at home until we are reunited once again!

You can find information about specific events by visiting the events calendar page.

February 24-26, 2023 brings Snowbound Leather Weekend XIV to Provincetown, where you’ll find a competition for Mr. Snowbound, a beer blast, brunch, and parties. Get out of the cold and into the heat!