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The Joy of November in Provincetown

November brings to Provincetown one of the biggest and best for our historical little village, Thanksgiving.

November brings to Provincetown one of the biggest and best for our historical little village, Thanksgiving. With the Pilgrims landing here first, the Mayflower Compact signed in our harbor, streets named Bradford, Allerton, Brewster, Howland, and Carver to name just a few, we are the very seat of history. We ARE Thanksgiving. This is the time to really dig in to Provincetown. The weather is cooling, and there’s a feeling of hunkering down, preparing for the winter.

But there’s still so much to do. We light up the darkening sky with the annual Lighting of the Pilgrim Monument, and we light up Lopes Square with the annual Lighting of the Lobster Pot Tree. These two festive events have morphed into whole celebrations, and they bookend that wonderful holiday, Thanksgiving. Locals come home to their families; visitors gather for meals. It’s a wonderful time to come to Provincetown!

November kicks off with the Provincetown Food & Wine Festival. Compete or show your support in Mr. New England Leather Weekend and the winner gets to represent this region at the International Mr. Leather Contest in Chicago in May.

The following week ushers in Thanksgiving, with the Lighting of the Pilgrim Monument each year on the November 11. Perched on the top of High Pole Hill Rd., the largest all-granite building in the country proudly commemorates the landing of the Pilgrims, and on this night, Provincetown lights up 3,100 individual lights, strung from the top of the monument, which continue to shine until January 6.

Thanksgiving Weekend join the festivities from November 23 – 27, 2023. Looking to shop this holiday season don’t miss out Pink Friday! Check out the guide the Provincetown Business Guild has put together for you shopping needs.

Another lighting is the Lighting of the Lobster Pot Tree in Lopes Square. This year the family of Julian Popko will create the tree, using over 100 stacked lobster pots, complete with ribbons and lights. It’s another festive event, and it happens right in the center of town.

It’s a cozy time. Provincetown boasts over 100 bed and breakfasts, over 30 of which have fireplaces. Come down, cozy up, and celebrate Thanksgiving in the seat of the Pilgrims’ first landing!

“You’ve got sand and water and beautiful light and you feel like you’re on an island. It’s just magic.”