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Bear Week

10 - 18
Jul 10 - Jul 18

Provincetown Jul Calendar

Bear Week

(January 2021)

From the Provincetown Bears regarding Bear Week 2021:

In light of uncertainties with Coronavirus, Provincetown Bears regrets that public events for Bear Week 2021 cannot be announced six months ahead as is usual. We anticipate that some bears plan to keep their reservations and anticipate enjoying a quieter than usual vacation in Provincetown next summer. Next July there will be an informal bear week, but not a typical Bear Week Provincetown™ with hosted public parties. 

Provincetown Bear Week is the largest gathering of bears in the world. Tens of thousands come to Provincetown during this annual event to go to parties, bars, and clubs throughout the town. You know what you’re getting into when you attend. No, we’re not talking about actual bears.